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This is a R&D city where researches and scientists are free to create inventions that could advance the frontiers of humanity. In the tech labs, in the northern areas of the city, energy research in plasma and laser physics will create innovative ways to power the metropolis. In the bio labs located in the dome in the southern parts of the city, medical research in pharmaceuticals and advanced food production is conducted.

Labs and university campuses are situated in the Main tower clusters to ensure that urban sprawl and environmental damage does not occur. 

The city is connected by a network of driverless electric vehicles that ferry workers, researchers and shoppers all over the city. A monorail provides rapid transport between the different hubs. At the centre of the city is the advanced research complex. The roads and monorail lines all connect to this central hub. The complex not only contains advanced research lads but also an array of critical systems such as the superintendent AI facility which manages all the management operations of the metropolis.